Is it time to junk the kids menu? 

Burgers loaded with additives; chicken nuggets shipped in from Thailand; chips pre-prepped in Holland and tooth-rotting pop. No, this isn’t lunch at a Seventies motorway caff, but the food provided for children at top family attractions, ranging from the British Museum to Brighton Pier and London Zoo.

Last week, the Soil Association brought out its latest Out to Lunch report, and the results, while sobering, will be familiar to parents: along with the delights above, factor in a lack of free drinking water, and packed-lunch-style offerings which in 75 per cent of cases included no vegetables or salad. London Zoo’s delightful lunch box is 36 per cent sugar, which adds up to 189 per cent of a child’s recommended daily allowance.

Source: Unhealthy, expensive, dull: is it time to junk the kids’ menu?