Rush Mega Super Slide

The Rush Mega Super Slide has:

  • 22ft deep x 14ft wide x 18ft high (10ft 6in Platform)
  • Made with High Gloss fabric (easy clean)
  • Fully EN14960:2013 Compliant
  • Extra Strong, Light and very durable PVC fabric
  • (Easy to roll and handle)
  • Specially designed seams for extra strength with multiple layers of fabric and stitching
  • 10 Deflation Zips for quick deflation
  • Gibbons Blower
  • Ground Stakes

The Eliminator Obstacle Course has additional safety features such as higher walls and mesh safety netting to protect the kids from hurting themselves.

Its really incredible fun – lets you race your friends over hills, down slides, and through pylons. The challengers race through as fast as they can, over, under and sometimes between the obstacles within the Eliminator.

Obstacle courses are perfect for large events and small parties alike. This is a large multi-coloured Obstacle Course, great fun and very popular unit that can cater for a large number of people of most age groups.

Adults & kids alike love racing each other on this inflated obstacle course! These inflatables are big, colorful, and bright and are a really great addition at any event or special occasion.

22 x 14 x 18 Kids from €300 - €500