Human Foosball


Human Foosball

Giant Human Table Foosball Game

Have a go at our giant inflatable version of table foosball. Great for family fun days with kids over 5 and adults, also perfect as a team building activity. Players are attached to poles fixed across the inflatable football pitch, which limits them and their fellow players to sideways movement only. Yellow and Red cards are optional for dangerous play!When the subs aren’t playing, they can cheer from the sideline.

All our inflatables are tested for safety and cleaned thoroughly between hires.

Foot Darts


Our foot darts are made of the highest quality material. These are great for fun days and really stand out. You can kick or throw the balls and it works for all ages from 5 and over.

Lots of fun for all ages and are great on big events for adults and the good news is you can play in your good clothes too. Can you do better than us in the video? Click here to have a look on youtube.

Giant Buzzer Game


Giant Buzzer Game

The Giant Buzzer game is a great fun game for all ages. The giant buzzer is a steady hand game where users try to move the hand held ring along the wire without setting off the alarm, if the player touches the ring against the wire the alarm will sound. The giant steel hand measures 770mm (30″ high). It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues and is great for events, corporate team building days, promotional events and fun family days.
The game requires a standard 13 amp power socket.

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